Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rhetorical Appeals: In Favor of Parental Notification

Now, it's time to use rhetorical appeals to create counterclaims. In the comments section below, write counterclaims for the arguments in favor of parental notification that use one of the classical rhetorical appeals.

At the top of your comment: write "Counterclaim - and whether you are using ethos, pathos, or logos."

Just a reminder: 

Counterclaim - a statement that is in opposition to the previous claim.  A counterclaim argues against the point being made.

Ethos this is based on credibility. If you respect the source of the argument, you might believe it. This appeal is based on being an authority, respected, and likeable.

Silly model - I am one of you.  I was raised in this neighborhood.  I live on your block.  I know, because I struggle with this issue too, that we need to start eating more cow’s liver in our diets.

Pathos - this is based on emotions. By getting the audience to engage with their feelings on the issue and using their emotions to convince them of your position.

Silly model - How can anyone imagine eating the bloody insides of something as cute and cuddly as a potbellied pig, or a little baby chick? Anyone who could think of killing an animal so precious and adorable must have no feelings at all.

Logos - this is based on logic and reasoning. By having strong facts (evidence) and explaining the facts in a reasonable way that can be understood and followed by the audience, you can convince them of your position.

Silly model - By switching to a diet in which we eat every part of the animals being consumed for food we will reap a number of benefits.  We will be able to lower our carbon footprint, decreasing pollution, by using the entire animal and avoiding waste.  Our grocery bills will also be greatly reduced because the cost of many of these parts of the animal are low.  

If you want to look back at the sources your class has accumulated to help make your brief arguments, click on this link:

Sources of evidence in favor of parental notification